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This is why we only accept 1% of the candidates who successfully pass our rigorous filter. Thousands of applications each month.

Know our process

Step 1

Job Applications

We receive the applications and from that moment we start with our vetting process.

Step 2

Language and Personality

We test our candidates with a complete English evaluation, and also on personality aspects, looking for passionate candidates fully committed to their work.

Step 3

AI Bait hiring tool

We evaluate the candidate's technical knowledge and problem-solving ability with our powerful AI Bait hiring tool. It analyses different patterns through job simulation tests allowing our recruiting team to assess each candidate's technical and analytical skills objectively.

Step 4

Real time interview

Our Bait screening experts will validate the results of the step 3 with the candidate and then continue with communication ability, and creativity.

Step 5

Technical Interview

Each candidate is assigned a test project to evaluate their real skills within a job position. The assessments consist of real development scenarios for candidates to demonstrate their competence, professionalism and integrity.

Step 6

AI Bait Algorithm

Our Bait machine learning-powered algorithm takes clients requirements and goals and matches them with the most qualified freelancers by analysing multiple variables such as industry experience, technology stack, IT infrastructure, scope and size of the project.

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