How to organize your workspace

How to organize your workspace
Published on 
December 20, 2021

When the pandemic started, whether or not you were already working from home, you had to adapt to the new reality.Having a remote office might look simple, but organizing the workspace to achieve better results and be more efficient is not that straightforward.

Here are some tips that might help you:

Having an efficient and organized workspace has enormous advantages; it can easily eliminate distractions and help you stay focused as well as productive.

While working in a space that has a sense of order and harmony, you will find yourself with a better willingness to do what you are supposed to.

Viewing an external space in order gives us an internal peace of mind and it makes us feel in control. This allows us to handle things in a better way and it also helps us overcome the challenges ahead of our day in a more controlled and tidy way.

The first thing you should do is Purge Your Workspace. You have to declutter and reorganize. Take out all the unnecessary items that do not add any value or help to your work and make this space a distraction-free zone. Take your time to do this first step, it will be the foundation of everything.

Secondarily, you will need to Make A System. Whether it is a labeling color system, a google drive with folders or a huge calendar with notes on the wall; you need to find the structure that works for you and that you understand. Having a system is the smartest way to find what you are looking for without losing anything in the process. With an every day To-Do List and a proper system, you will be able to accomplish your tasks while working with a secure and organized system.

Working is caring, therefore you should add some Personal Touches to your workspace. The key in doing so is to limit those personal items so that they do not become a distraction and create a mess. You can have one personal item that you like or an inspirational quote to keep you going, maybe even your own mantra!

Fourthly, you should try to Divide your Work Zones depending on your tasks. Many times our work requires different tools to get the best outcome. Maybe you need to use a whiteboard to write your ideas down or maybe you need to do a brainstorming session with one of your co-workers. The truth is that you need to seek the best workspace for your specific task. Move around, do not stay only in your desk work. Use all the skills and tools you have.

Last but not least, remember that you are going to spend a lot of time in your workspace. Keep it clean, tidy, and minimalist. You need to mentally allow yourself to create a space, both external and internal, that fuels your motivation to be productive.

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