7 tips to be more efficient & productive throughout the day

7 tips to be more efficient & productive throughout the day
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December 20, 2021
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  1. Make a To-Do List with precise goals for the day: By doing that you can visualize your work for the day and you can mark them once they are done. This will help you organize yourself and keep you motivated once you mark them! Take some time at the beginning of your day to decide 3 things that you need to finish by the end of the day no matter what and do them.

  2. Eisenhower Matrix. It will properly help you determine which tasks you should work on ASAP and what you should delegate or ignore (Eisenhower Matrix).

  3. Use a time management method. A big part of being efficient throughout the day is understanding that time is the key to everything. Decide which method you would want to use and commit to it. For example, the Pomodoro technique. Here is a link that might be helpful: (time management article).

  4. Take breaks even if you do not feel the need to. People often feel worn out at the end of the day and it is usually because they do not take the time to recharge themselves. No human can maintain distraction-free focus for a long period of time. Prepare a schedule with breaks and follow it. You must manage your energy, not just your time.

  5. Break projects into smaller tasks. If you break down the tasks in order to complete them on a reasonable deadline, you will achieve multiple goals in one day. Instead of setting your mind to finish a whole project in one day, set achievable goals by breaking them into smaller tasks. This will help you boost your productivity and it will give you a small win each day that will help you work in a faster and smarter way.

  6. Have a plan B for when things go south. You need to acknowledge the planning fallacy; despite knowing the fact that previous jobs have often taken longer than anticipated, people underestimate the time it would take to finish a future work. Highly productive people can react rapidly when unanticipated problems arise by creating contingency plans.

  7. Focus on one task at a time. People are simply bad at multitasking, so stop doing it. You are not doing two things at a time, you’re just dividing your focus into different things. That will not help you, it will only take you longer to accomplish either one of the tasks. There are already so many distractions in our surroundings, do not add more by trying to multitask. Direct your focus on one job and do it well, do it completely.

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