How to hire remotely?

How to hire remotely?
Published on 
December 20, 2021

Hiring remote employees could be a win-win for both the company and the employee. This type of hiring and work provides your company with the possibility to acquire talent that is scarce in your area. Whilst, to the employees; it allows them to pursue a position they want, without the necessity to move to another place.

The process of hiring remotely is a combination of steps you need to take in order to succeed in this process. Here are some questions that will guide you to do so:

1. How can you attract prospective employees?

In order to achieve this, you will need to build a strong brand online. Candidates have to rely on your online pretense, therefore having a good and broader platform will help you. Make sure to show the essence of your company, candidates want to know what they are getting into. Give them the chance to explore and make themselves acquaintances with the company beforehand.

2. How is the hiring process going to be?

There are many things that you will lose when deciding to hire remotely instead of in person. For starters, you are missing all the intangible aspects and information, for example, body language. Furthermore, it is not the same for them either; they do not get the full experience of going to the interview and meeting other employees while getting to know the premises. Remember that they are also evaluating the company, it is a two-way street.

When hiring in another part of the world, sometimes processes become longer. There are many platforms that can help you ease this process. For example, Bait allows you to have access to vetted and tested candidates in a matter of days.

Ask yourself which is the best way to conduct this process. From which kind of job publication the company is going to put up to the different stages and methods you are going to use. For example, you can combine synchronous and asynchronous interview stages. Mix it up a little bit. Think of a specific strategy for remote hiring, it can not be the same as hiring face-to-face.

3. After you hire the employees, what are you offering them? How are you going to retain those employees?

These two questions come hand-in-hand. You finally hire the candidates, now what? Are you just going to give them tasks?… No! You need to go the extra mile for the remote employees. They are missing so much already by not being in the office; keep them motivated and always make them feel like part of the team. Some platforms can also help you with this. For example, Bait offers the possibility of hiring these employees in their countries and giving them a co-working place to spend their working days.

If the people in the office are having training, make sure that the remote employees have one that will help them too. The details always make the difference. Conducting meetings or activities with the whole team will give them the chance to interact with the company and its people, even if they are not there.

4. How are you managing your remote team?

A bit of advice. You need to have a specific person that handles the remote team. They will need guidance, following, and even supervision. Maybe think of a system to work with them. Mandatory meetings? Panel with ideas? You name it and make it happen.

Another possibility would be to hire a project manager that works daily with the remote team and sends you weekly or monthly updates on their progress.

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