Building a remote team

Building a remote team
Published on 
November 11, 2021

During the pandemic, the transition to working remotely from home was drastically accelerated and bringing many controversial discussions about it.

There are companies that will take longer or even never reach a fully remote workspace but there are also some that take the lead and are already enjoying the advantages out of it.

The principal advantages we can find in remote work are:

👌🏻  No commuting time - This means that getting to a meeting 30 minutes late because of traffic is not an issue anymore

👌🏻  More autonomy and flexibility - Who doesn´t like to have some spare minutes to go to the supermarket and clean their home

👌🏻  Higher productivity and increased motivation - Working remotely can increase productivity up to 77% according to studies. This is due to the possibility to focus on your tasks and not be disturbed by the environment.

👌🏻  Reduced staff turnover - A survey found that companies that allow remote work experience 25% lower employee turnover than companies that don't support remote work. WOW!

👌🏻  Reduced need for office space er - Not only the workers could save money by working from home (no need to commute or spend extra money during the day), but also companies can do. A recent study found that companies who are working half remote are saving an average of $11.000 USD per employee per year!!

Despite having some disadvantages in a remote workspace, the COVID pandemic accelerated the digitalization of most processes and introduced useful communication tools that allow us to feel as if we were in our usual workspace.

Let us know what you think in the comments, we´d love to hear your thoughts about it!

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