7 Tips for Freelancers looking for work

7 Tips for Freelancers looking for work
Published on 
November 11, 2021

Recent years have seen a spike in people interested in freelancing. It is very appealing to be your own boss, make your own schedule, and often work from the comfort of your home. The trick, of course, is finding clients willing to pay you for your skills. This is where Bait comes in, an exclusive freelance network of the top-tier LATAM software engineers, designers, media producers, architects, and project managers.

If you are a freelancer looking for a steady stream of work then this post is for you

1. Remain Aware Of New Freelancing Platforms

There are plenty of platforms that connect freelancers with clients offering work, from major, generalized sites to smaller ones that are more industry-specific. New platforms launch occasionally that are worth checking out, such as Bait. It's best to use as many freelance job platforms as possible so you have access to the widest amount of available jobs.

2. Keep Your Resume Updated

As your freelance career develops, you will want to keep your resume updated as you complete more jobs and gain new experience. This puts all of your qualifications in one place that you can easily show to prospective clients upon request at a moment's notice.

3. Craft A Strong Online Presence

Most freelancers working today get most of, if not all of, their work online. A strong online presence for freelancers should include an attractive website where your services, prices, and terms are clearly outlined. You should leverage your profiles on freelance job platforms and social media sites as well.

4. Take Online Courses

All professionals, freelancers included, should make a point of continuing their education, expanding their knowledge, and learning new skills throughout their careers. Online courses are an excellent resource, as there are many of them, they constitute a wide array of viewpoints, and they are generally quite affordable.

5. Set Reasonable Rates

Setting your rates is one of the most difficult decisions freelancers have to make, and you should always be re-evaluating your rates to ensure they are still acceptable. New freelancers often try and compete on price to make up for their lack of experience, but you should always take into account the value of the work and how much time you spend on other tasks such as accounting and administration.

6. Make Project-Hunting A Daily Habit

Freelancers should always be looking ahead to where their next project will be coming from. Otherwise, it is possible you will have periods of no income while you look for new work. Sending out pitches each day is one of the effective methods to generate a stable income from freelance jobs.

7. Leverage Your Existing Clients

For any type of business, it is preferable to retain existing clients rather than constantly be trying to find new ones. Freelancers should focus on customer retention by providing good service and clear communication. Be sure to ask existing clients to refer others to you. Word-of-mouth marketing is simply one of the most effective and low-effort ways you have of getting new clients.

Finding work can be one of the most intimidating elements of being a freelancer. Yet, it is necessary. If you know where and how to look, however, there are plenty of freelance jobs likely to be suited to you.

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