7 Myths About Freelancers

7 Myths About Freelancers
Published on 
November 11, 2021

1. Myth: A freelancer is not a business person.

Reality: In order to be a freelancer you have to create your personal brand, do the marketing of it, think about clients, and organize your payments. Therefore you are in business and you are a business person

2. Myth: In order to thrive, you can not be picky.

Reality: First things first, your time and skills have tremendous worth. Do not think that by choosing this lifestyle you should settle for a job that you do not like or that goes against what your path and beliefs are. There is a reason why they chose you and not another person for the job, so own it; you get to decide which jobs to take.

3. Myth: It is a stress-free profession, now you are the boss!

Reality: As Ben Parker said in Spiderman “with great power comes great responsibility”. It is true that on account of not working for a company you could be a little bit less stressed. However, you must know two things:

a) All your clients will become something like mini-bosses.

b) You are the whole business now; the boss and the employee, it all depends on you. Organize your business properly and be the best boss and employee every company wishes to have.

4. Myth: Freelancing equals isolation.

Reality: There are a million different ways that freelancers are everything but lonely. Clearly, a lot of work will be you, your thoughts, and your computer; but there is another huge part of the profession that includes socializing. From meeting with clients and going to events to collaborating with other people and joining coworking spaces. The truth is that freelancing is as isolated as you want it to be.

5. Myth: Freelancers do not worry about deadlines and presentations.

Reality: Say what? Just because freelancers get to choose which jobs to take and they can work at their pace does not mean that they can do everything on their own terms. Remember you are the business! Whilst sometimes the clients will trust you and will let you do what you want with the assignment, some other times you will need to follow the instructions and deliver on time.

6. Myth: It is unreliable and you can not charge high fees for your work.

Reality: You are not going to get paid like in traditional employment, but that does not mean it is an unreliable profession. The idea is quite simple: if you do not work, you do not earn. Like every job and situation in life, you will hit some ups and downs along the way, that is just the way the world works. Get yourself out there, sell your business, show yourself and find as many jobs as you can. If you are good enough to do such a job, then you are good enough to get paid for it; never forget that.

7. Myth: Working from home is a dream.

Reality: Being home in your comfy clothes and having everything you want at your disposal sounds wonderful, and sometimes it is all we need. However, when your workspace starts being your house you no longer have a sense of boundaries. Every room and every hour of the day becomes right for work. Therefore, it is really important to get up, get dressed, and have a determined space to work on your tasks.

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